DONATION for LAB Maintenance




There is so much to do to maintain the LAB, keep it safe and a fun place to play. And there are many ways to help. If you or your team would like to pitch in, you are welcomed to pick a date and coordinate with Coach Ken to help with work projects at Coach Ken at or call 480-822-9838.

<p>For many, a monetary donation is the easier way, and we welcome the help. Your contributions will go to Just4Sports LLC our parnt company, a 501(c)3 company, so, your donations are tax deductible. Your generous contributions go for:

  • Paint the rails on the observation deck and walls
  • Update the restrooms
  • Stock and maintain the Snack Bar
  • Maintain the Heating and Cooling system
  • Repair the ceiling and lights

The list goes on, It seems to never end. But you are here, reading this because you care about this gym. It means something to you. It is the heart of our sports community in Chandler, and we appreciate that it matters enough to you too.

With Sincere Appreciation,

The Staff of the LAB in Chandler


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